When we recently asked „Who else would you like us to invite, which topics should we cover?“ Conni Eybisch-Klimpel from Sketchnotes for Two had a quick and convincing answer: to invite the founder of Real ComicsStijn Schenk who she had recently heard at a talk in Amsterdam. 

She was very inspired how he managed to get typical lone-wolf freelance illustrators, story tellers and other artists to come together to truly collaborate plus he’d organised the funds for this, too.

To be honest, we didn’t really think he’d agree to come all the way to our Berlin meet up from Amsterdam. But then again: we know how convincing Conni can be. And she was…He agreed! Stijn Schenk is coming to Berlin! For real!!

Mentioning „for real“, our topic will be „Shaping the world for REAL: with pen, pencil and a lot of vulnerability…“ So be prepared for not just any other evening of thinking out loud with pen and paper. This is going to be special! 

Why? Because Stijn believes „that artists have a power far greater than they realise, and that they can become a profound force of global change”. We just need to choose wisely, which stories we are listening to, to show up fully with our heart, mind and soul, and then our collaborations will shake the world, and shape it for REAL.

Intrigued? Then secure your space to this next meet up now by registering below.

Where & when? 
Wednesday, 2nd of October 2019 
7-10 pm 
Möckernkiez Gemeinschaftsraum/Treffpunkt Möckernkiez
Möckernkiez 2
10963 Berlin

This meet up will be presented in English. We will do our best to support non-English speakers by seating them next to friendly folks who don’t mind helping out.

Artwork: Amanda Majoor


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